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Top 50 Places to Have a Beer - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Top 50 Places to Have a Beer
I'm not a beer nut, but many of my friends are. The Beer Advocate listed their Top 50 taverns. The list includes Champaign's Blind Pig. San Diego's O'Brien's Pub has free WiFi and good (not-free) garlic fries, but charges $15 for a bottle of Chimay Ale.
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jonroma From: jonroma Date: June 9th, 2006 10:19 pm (UTC) (Link)

The new Blind Pig

I still have not been to Champaign's new Blind Pig. However, I am likely to correct that omission some time after 8/1 when our no smoking ordinance takes effect. If the bottle of Chimay Ale is one of the 750 mL variety, $15 isn't horrible considering the retail price for this stuff is in the neighborhood of $9 to $10. That's not too unusual a markup. Anyway, Chimay kicks ass.
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