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Wow, they may not have fucked it up

September 11th is something few people aren't emotional about. It's very, very easy to do a movie that's too maudlin, or too jingoistic, or tries to make more of the events of that day than they were. Suits in Hollywood aren't known for aestheticism, just greed. It's hard to G3T IT R1TE. So I fully expected United 93 to be a poor movie, possibly a disgrace to the people that died on that plane that day. But Roger Ebert gives it four stars. I planned on skipping it, but his review is changing my mind. He says of director Paul Greengrass, "He does not exploit, he draws no conclusions, he points no fingers, he avoids 'human interest' and 'personal dramas' and just simply watches."

By the way, I found the opening theme from The Goonies tonight on the iTunes Music Store. Search for "Fratelli Chase", the artist is Dave Grusin.

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