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Back from vacation and ready to fuck with you - Jason Lindquist
Idle ramblings of an idle mind
Back from vacation and ready to fuck with you
Warren Ellis just returned from a vacation in the countryside with the following bad news:
I note with amusement that JJ Abrams has been hired to co-write, produce and direct an eleventh STAR TREK movie, focussing on Young Kirk And Spock. I had lunch with Joe Straczynski a couple of summers ago, just after he'd been to Paramount pitching something similar -- Ultimate Star Trek, if you like.

For as good a reputation Lost and Alias have, let me remind you of Armageddon and Taking Care of Business.
I fully expect this to be as unfaithful to the previous works as Enterprise was. Indeed, I fully expect to see Kirk and Spock, as academy classmates, fighting the Borg in the holodeck. Where they run into Khan. And the Kazon.

On an unrelated side note, Dave Terrell offered this wisdom

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