Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Rising from the new low

I reinstalled b5 on January 24th. Since then, the LED signs in the house haven't been updated. I actually *did* install the firmware files and loader at the time of the reinstall. But it got late, and I got lazy, and never got around to making them operational again. All it took was nine mknods and some quick edits to my rc scripts and my own crontab. Five minutes' work, and it took me nearly three months to do it. The clock displays on the signs have finally been corrected for daylight savings, and the date is again correct.

The project backlog is really nasty right now. I finally replaced my dead garbage disposal on Tuesday. The dishwasher has only been backing up into it for a year now. I don't actually use the disposal much, so I only bought the cheapest one they had at Home Despot. It turned out to be identical to the one I removed. Perhaps this weekend I'll install the third LED sign in the living room. And maybe finish rewriting the caller ID software that uses them.

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