Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Right-wingers: Creepy as all get-out

Generally speaking, I don't have a problem with virginity pledges. Abstinence is indeed the only sure-fire approach to avoiding pregnancy and STDs. If someone decides they don't want to take the risk, and make a decision to abstain (though I wish that were an informed decision,) I respect that. I appreciate strength in numbers, so if you want to organize some kind of seminar, and have a bunch of kids take a verbal pledge as a group, a la the "Silver Ring" organization, that's great.

But dear Lord, there is something about psychochristians that make them go full-tilt for the ultra-creepy. Atrios linked to an entry from digby about "Purity Balls". (Feel free to snicker. I did. My mind associated to "purity rings" and thought this was a reference to another token.) Dads and daughters. My spine tingles at the thought of little girls, too young to grasp more than the mechanical meaning of sexuality, looking up into daddy's eyes and making a pledge about it. Not all of them are that young, but looking at the referenced photos, a lot of them are.

And of course, that pledge is followed up by one from dad, with that prototypical psychochristian cock-swinging about being lord master high priest of the household. Sexist misogynistic pricks.

Following up on this, one of digby's readers makes a very interesting point: "The truth is is that in most Red-State/Fundy households the Dad is just as obsessed if not more so with the possiblity of his young son being gay as with his daughter's virginity."

Wow, if that don't just hit the nail on the head...

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