Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Random things I forget to mention

I've been fairly busy lately, and weblog entries have slipped my mind. I have time and inclination while I'm driving to or from work, but I don't care to use the phone post feature since a) if I could transcribe it, I could just write it in the first place; and 2: it feels wrong to push work off on my friends because I'm too lazy or busy to do it myself. So as I'm reminded of things, I may just write about them.

(The backburner includes both this year's and last year's trips to Peoria for the state basketball finals, Dr. Duffy's death, my ongoing fight with my MythTV box, and how much FX's Thief rules. (Andre Braugher owns. OWNS, I tell you.))

So anyways, last Saturday I was at the Padres game. (God, that was bad. They lost to Colorado 12-4. This series was bookended by a pair of 10-4 losses, the last one pitched by staff ace Jake Peavy.) One of the between-innings things they do is have fans vote for one of three songs they want to hear at the next break. You vote by sending a given word from the song title via cellular text message to a 5-digit code. All three choices were country. *spit* So I sent in "FREEBIRD". Impressively, the system didn't just drop it on the floor. I got a reply, "Sorry, that's not it. Please try again."

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