Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


I am still on jury duty. There are some stories to tell, some of them amusing. Since I'm legally proscribed from discussing any of it, they'll wait until service is complete, Tuesday or Wednesday. Nothing idiotic about that.

Instead, I get back from court last night, too late to make the JV game and then the wake I had to attend, so I watched the end of our freshman game instead. Worst officiating I have seen all year, bar none. At one point, Drew Bourne, who stands 5' 1.5", caught a rebound, and was grabbed from behind by a Mt. Carmel player. He was lifted off the ground. Neither official called a foul. The closer official called a jump ball. There was a very healthy crowd for a freshman game. Our crowd almost lost it.

But ah, the real idiocy lies in what I was told by a student last night. One of our older players went through some serious legal trouble last summer. The circumstances of it are very common, however most teenage kids do not know the depth of the legal peril they are exposed to. You would think he would have learned to be much more careful in the future where the law might be concerned. You would be wrong. I'm told he got caught tampering with school equipment, and then ran from the police when they came to arrest him. How fucking stupid do you have to be?

On top of that, I dreamt that we had a basketball game, and I arrive to find that someone has destroyed our scorer's table. The pieces are all intact, but clearly someone's smakced it around enough to break it apart. And it's ten minutes to game time, and I'm frantically trying to reassemble it and also to learn who was responsible so I can kill them at halftime. There's no good reason I should be stressing like this, but there we are...

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