Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

It sucks, and then it sucks...

I got called in for jury duty back in December. The Friday before Christmas. No way that was working, as I was flying home, so I postponed it 'till today. In December, that looked like a good idea. Any post-holiday rushes would be finished in January. I had no idea I'd have last weekend's network transition throwing a wrench into my development work, so I had no idea this would be such a bad week for it. The last time around, they only called pools for three trials all day, and most of us got sent home.

Today, they had a full slate. Worse, some of these trials are expected to run long. I got called into voir dire for a wrongful-termination suit in the civil division. They expect this trial to run four weeks. Financial hardship to you is a legal excuse, but hardship to an employer is not. Momentum will be positively fucked if I'm out for a month. There's too much work for four software engineers as it is, and even if we tried to hire someone, it'd take about a month to happen anyways. The gist I got from the judge was she would've let people like me go, but there were several long trials to impanel, so there wouldn't be enough people to draw from. Fortunately, my brief stint with NCSA, and my dissatisfaction with how Qualcomm treated me seems to have soured the defense in that case on me.

After lunch, I was called in on a criminal case. 36 of us were seated, the first 20-some randomly chosen to be interviewed first. But we never got started. They couldn't get their tape recorder working, nor could they get a flesh-and-blood court reporter to replace it. So we were told to go home and come back at 9am tomorrow morning.

Fuck. So much for one-day/one-trial. There's a subtle cheat in California law. It's one day if you aren't assigned to a courtroom. They don't have to impanel you, assignment is enough. This is crap. This is poor planning on their part. You weren't ready for me today, so you lost your claim on me, as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully they'll find a dozen and a pair of alternates before they get to me, or one side or the other will find something unacceptable. I need to get a TB test checked and certified tomorrow or early Thursday morning, plus basketball, never mind my job.

On the way out, I turn my phone back on, and get a page there's a phone message at home. My phone matches the number against where I get my hair cut. I just got my hair cut the week before last, so I figure maybe I forgot to sign my check or something goofy like that. So I call in and ask for my stylist. I get a weird response and put on hold. Someone else that isn't David comes on the line. It turns out he died of a heart attack Sunday night. Boom. He was working Saturday, and gone the end of Sunday. Nobody saw it coming. There's a wake Friday, which is fortunately right between my games on Friday, so I can go.

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