Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Speakeasy VoIP, round 1

The Motorola VT1005 Voice-over-IP terminal adapter showed up on Wednesday. I messed around with it offline to verify that I could put it between my DSL modem and my server without it disrupting inbound traffic to the server. I can--the DHCP/NAT feature is turned off by default, and thus is just a transparent hub from the server's perspective. By putting the TA inline, it can prioritize the voice traffic it's generating via the Quality of Service (QoS) standards.

Being the idiot I am, I didn't think to plug in a phone and try for outbound service 'till last night. Sure enough, I could make outbound calls. The sound quality is very good. I called my cell from the VoIP house line, and it was clear and loud. Inbound was still going to the PacBell landline. Same deal this morning when I got up. But by the time I got to work, inbound calls were now going to the VoIP box. (Or at least the Speakeasy voicemail system, which I enabled temporarily.)

The Speakeasy/Level3 voicemail is a nice service, too. I don't plan to use it long-term, since I'm too fond of the Caller ID-selected greeting messages and scriptable voice menuing that Phlink allows me to do. But it's web-configurable, and you can download greetings as WAV files (8 kHz, 8-bit, μ-law compressed mono,) and have it mail you a notice of messages ("Incoming Voice Mail from 7604314248 - MOMENTUM COMPUT",) as well as mailing you the message itself (to a different address if you like.) The common feature set is present--call interrupting, 3-way calling, CNID, call-forwarding (selective, on-busy, no-answer, or total,) etcetera. It's all configurable via star codes on the phone, or through the web interface. There's a web and a Windows desktop interface to actually manage calls live. I'll probably try that out at some point. This software is clearly written for a business user, but it's nice they don't restrict it to just their "business VoIP" customers. (The web interface uses an ActiveX control, and isn't usable outside IE, so that's a down-check.)

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