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Not everybody does it, but everybody should

Selected Googlisms for sex:

sex is dead
sex is good
sex is worth the wait
sex is better than religion
sex is here to stay
sex is popular
sex is poetry
sex is cool
sex is like a box of chocolates by theresa m
sex is a misdemeanor
sex is better than school
sex is optional
sex is rampant
sex is sacred
sex is ok if done for the cause
sex is your responsibility
sex is free
sex is a myth in samoa
sex is
sex is worth the inconvenience
sex is a crime
sex is too painful
sex is best when you lose your head
sex is coming
sex is a necessary and proper
sex is safe
sex is comedy
sex is not safe
sex is a 13 letter word

Commentary on IRC this morning on the topic of a Chicago radio show:
[08:14 spruance] Ah, to be young now. Apparently, there's a serious problem
[08:14 spruance] Girls are more aggressive, and are seeking dates from Boys.
[08:14 spruance] Worse, they're PRESSURING BOYS FOR SEX.
[08:15 Bohr] heh
[08:15 OG] we must put a stop to this!
[08:15 OG] you know, it all starts when girls learn to masturbate
[08:15 Ark] if only because it wasn't that way when we were younger
[08:15 Nicko] damn kids rebelling
[08:15 spruance] *laugh*
[08:16 spruance] this caller is talking about a 12 year old girl who offered a
       blow job if this boy kid would go steady with her.

The only way I'd find this shocking, of course, is if the boys are saying "no", or even taking longer than half a second to think about it. 'Cause when I was 12, everybody's answer would've been, "Right now? Isn't this a little public? Well okay..."

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