Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

"Murder By Numbers"

A little creepy, but pretty good. They didn't use the song by The Police...

Blockbuster kills me. Four employees working the front of the store (there's gotta be one in the back office,) and only one of them is able to run the register. Two droids behind the counter doing something with merchandise, but neither is allowed, for some unknown, ridiculous reason, to check out customers. Instead, they get to stand there and banter about how one of them saw someone steal some videos, and if the kid hadn't hopped on a bike and taken off, he'd've been in "a world of hurt." The dipshit doesn't understand the concepts of "assault" and "battery". And there's no change in the obnoxiously-helpful attitude they developed at least a year ago.

Next time I go in there, when they flip through the welcome speech and offer help, I'm just going to tell them I don't read English and need them to read the backs of the boxes. Starting with the letter "A".

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