Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Once again, Speakeasy

Today was my install date for the new DSL service.

I have existing Speakeasy DSL service (1500 kbps down, 768 kbps up) on a line-sharing basis with my PacBell analog voice service. I'm moving to Speakeasy's "OneLink" service (ADSL on a dry pair,) which was installed today. (The voice service will move to their VoIP offering, which is simply rebadged Level3 in a couple of weeks.)

The installation was fairly painless. PacBell's loop installer punched the new circuit into a pair on the line going into my house, so the Covad installer didn't have to spend time on it. I'd already identified the pair, clipped it off my voice wiring, and hung a jack on the end of it in the computer closet. The only hiccup was that the tech had to call Speakeasy to move the IP routing over to the new circuit, since I wasn't changing IP addresses. Five minutes on hold, a minute to fix it, and away we went. The signal strength is good enough to support a 6 Mbps downlink, I'm told. (I'm very close to the switch.) I don't need it enough to justify paying for it. Really, I don't need it at all, 1.5 M is plenty.

Once again, if you need DSL service, give Speakeasy a look. Things just work, and their tech support staff is all clued.

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