Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Theaters strike again

I took Eric and his friend Tony out to see Goblet of Fire last night. Between baseball and Eric needing to take care of the neighbor's dog and bouncing back and forth between his parents house and me needing to shower and change after a day of baseball in the scorching Santee sun, we made the 10:25 show in Carmel Mountain. Poway Unified is off this week (because the budget is tight and the schools don't have the 'nads to properly penalize students whose parents pull them out on vacation for the whole week) so the hour wasn't an issue.

The CMR Pacific Theaters is nice for two reasons: One, they serve Frozen Crack (Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade, which at $3.50, is cheaper than they sell it at Petco Park,) and two, they let you put your own imitation-butter on your popcorn. The tap is out there on a pedestal. Just lean on the button. Okay, I skipped the popcorn last night, but I still like knowing it's there.

There were no nearby fat smelly people this time. Unfortunately, I discovered during the maze sequence that some asshole had left gum on my seat. This is rapidly turning into The Muppet Movie, where twice the theater's power failed, and on the third try, the theater was fine, but Nikki got sick and we had to leave during the "America the Beautiful" scene.

The kids lost their baseball game miserably, 15-0. They couldn't string together hits and left about a dozen men on base. We won ours. We went into the top of the 9th believing we were up one run--both our scorers agreed. We got the first two batters out, then, on the only play to me all day, I misjudge a fly ball and it lands behind me for a double, and that runner scores shortly after. We think the score's tied, and I'm leading off... but then the opposing scorekeeper insists we're still up one run, we'd been up two at the start of the inning. Okay, if you say so, we'll take the win. It gets me off the hook for blowing the game.

Amusingly, Nate missed all this. He got tossed out of the game. The league failed to schedule umpires for us, so we started almost an hour and a half late when they pulled an ump off a 2-man crew at another game and sent him to us. And he sucked. AND he was an asshole. In the 6th or 7th inning, he blew a ball/strike call, and Nate's dad asked for "a little consistency, please". That got him tossed. Nate asks for time out to discuss that, he hasn't even left the dugout, and that gets him tossed. Two words: "Time, please". Gone. And then in the kids' game, the plate umpire was an inconsistent knucklehead, who tried to lie about what he'd declared the game's start time to be so he could end it early on a time limit, and when Nate argued that, threatened to throw him out. Two ejections in one day would've been a minor feat...

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