Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Another week, another game

Football did not play their best game last night, but beat Otay Ranch anyways 24-14. We were tied at 14 at the half, and I thought it would be close the whole way. But our defense got itself together a bit and shut them down. We'll need a much better effort next week to beat Carlsbad. They're very good, but I know we can run with them, and I feel good about winning. Our offense continues to diversify. Brandon Sullivan had a fairly weak outing, and Otay's defense seemed keyed on only him. We ran a play in the third quarter to one of our other backs, and they essentially ignored him. They crashed on Sully so hard Guy had an easy 25-yard touchdown--which got called back on a bloody holding call. It was actually a good penalty night, it wasn't until late in the third before anybody got called for a false start, and those holds were legit. There was one bad pass interference call against us (the pass was thrown way, way past that receiver,) but I'm willing to write that off in light of how fairly the rest of the game was called.

Otay Ranch is a 3-year old school, so they've got a nice shiny facility. And much to my amazement, they ran fiber to the stadium press box. I saw a couple of Cat-5 jacks next to the counter in our coaches' box, gave it a try just for laughs and it was live. Outbound traffic was blocked on ports 22, 23, and 25. I guess it's time I got sshd set up on an alternate port.

So we play at Carlsbad next week, which I work 10 minutes' drive from. Except it's the day after Thanksgiving so I won't be working and can't take advantage of that. Ah well...

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