Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


So football beat Rancho Bernardo last night, 20-19. I'm insanely proud of them. We haven't done that since 1999. Usually the games have been close, though I think I remember a 44-0 blowout a few years back. Both teams played well, but neither was perfect. The officiating sucked, but both teams were equally screwed, so that washes out. The atmosphere on the field after the game was electric... I'd post photos except I had to take the web server down temporarily. We needed to win that game to ensure a playoff spot--losing would've left us on the bubble--and this win was strong enough we might even get a home game.

So I'm sitting by the flamingo pond at the Flamingo (duh) in Vegas. There is free wireless intarwub here. Which is good, since Joe and Hoos and Traci don't get here 'till 2. The connection is a bit flaky, but functional is better than nothing. Although all these people smoking here is Fucking Annoying™.

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