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Fucking ow

I'm the bloody scorekeeper. If anyone's going to get hurt at a football game, it should not be me. Two of Torrey Pines' varsity players got carted off. All of our kids came out okay. And somewhere along the way, I did something to my lower back. I think it's just a pull or a strain. I can't run, and carrying moderately heavy objects in one hand is possible, though unpleasant, as is leaning over. I'm definitely out for baseball tomorrow, hopefully this passes in a couple of days.

We lost another football game we shouldn't have. Blown pass coverage gave up long touchdowns (37 and 34 yards.) We couldn't move the ball on 3rd and 4-or-5 on their 6, so we kicked the field goal with 4:30 to go and figured we could get the ball back. We didn't, so we lost 28-23. So we've lost 5 games, only one of which were we not in (the 46-0 blowout by Oceanside, in which they were better to begin with, atop us playing like crap that night,) and one is a forfeit of the 41-14 win over Mt. Miguel. We should still theoretically make the playoffs, but we may be in danger of being the city/south bay teams' bitch. (They always conspire to screw over a mid-performing north county team in order to get one of them in.)

Work Is. I'm getting a crash course in Solaris ether drivers. Hopefully the machine doesn't blow up when I finally get this stuff built.

Vegas next weekend... People are coming out from back home, so I'm going up Friday through Monday. I should probably plan my Christmas trip home soon...
Tags: football, poway

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