Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

L-Com: Bomb-ass cable supplier

Since I share Momentum's IT responsibilities with Matt, he introduced me to our cable supplier, L-Com. I am shocked I never heard of them before. They sell damned near every cable you can think of (Gold-plated S-video plus two additional 50-ohm coax terminated in gold-plated BNC? Got it.) They sell some really neat, innovative stuff too, like these thin-ass SVGA cables. The paper catalog supplement shows those cables wrapped around a regular wooden pencil. They sell some of their cables with low-profile disconnects. A foot before the end, there's a junction of rectangular connectors, sized to fit down 3/4" pipe. So you can run SVGA through pipe, without needing to solder connectors in the field.

Oh yeah, they provide the engineering drawings for almost all of their cables on their website. Need to make sure a SCSI cable will fit between two others going into a tight space? Or that the thumbscrews aren't too long to fit or too short to reach? No problem.
Tags: electronics

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