Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

We didn't freak anybody out, did we?

Matt, Chuck, and I went to In N' Out to pick up lunch today. Our route takes us past the former site of a police shooting range, which got us onto the subject of gun permits and traveling with weapons and such. The conversation carries on into the restaurant, including anecdotes about someone accidentally carrying his checked bag (with empty pistol) onto a flight, the Philly airport screeners I encountered in '02 (cranky because a week earlier, they'd missed some woman with a Glock in her purse, who didn't get caught 'till LA,) and one of my instructors at Front Sight happily screwing a flash suppressor onto his AR-15's barrel the day the Clinton assault weapons ban sunset (in front of a class half-full of California residents, who still have a state version of that ban to live with.)

There were two US Customs officers sitting on the other side of the restaurant. Yep, they never quit staring at us. Judging from the flight jumpsuits and shoulder holsters, they fly out of nearby Palomar Airport.

Of course, that realization reminded Matt of the time he was riding the Coaster train to work. Sitting in an empty car, four men in khakis and touristy t-shirts entered the car from the adjoining one. They were clean-shaven, moved together, and looked too alert, screaming "FED!". They were INS agents conducting "surprise" random inspections, and totally failing to blend in.

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