Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


Two and a half hours, 15 feet of altitude, 142 lightbulbs changed. We'll see tomorrow how things work. I tested all 36 display driver boards (each board controls two columns of 7 lights in the matrix.) I know there's at least fourteen lights that are always on, indicating a bad triac that won't shut off. But my testing only revealed one bad triac. (Also one bad switching transistor and one bad 4508 latch IC.) I was only putting 5 volts across the triacs, maybe they only fail at higher voltages... they normally operate at 120 VAC.

I had to run home and back near the beginning of the job to fetch a pair of headphones. I was taking advantage of Thursday night marching band practice, since they turn the field lights on which I can work by. Unfortunately, the band also uses this damned electronic metronome that starts driving me nuts after five or ten minutes. My iPod drowns that out nicely.

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