Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Various Sorts of Hell

Vendor Hell: At work, a vendor said they would sell us a chassis with an Intel shelf manager. Except they didn't say their definition of "with" is "you have to go buy it from Intel, because we don't have a reseller agreement with them yet." Then they agree to sell us a "test configuration" chassis. Only later they reveal said chassis has a minimum order of 10 (at about $4K each,) which they graciously knock down to 5, which is still 4 more than we need to have or want to pay for. Finally, we find something they sell that we agree to buy. We specify 3-day air shipping (FOB Rhode Island.) What should be on my desk today is now sitting in Dayton, Ohio, as their definition of "3 day air freight" is actually "Economy (slower-than-'normal') ground freight". Appropriately, this vendor's name is very similar to that of a legally-blind friend.

Baseball Hell: Matt's brother Brian had an extra ticket to last night's Padres game. (Brian and Lauren got married in Coronado on Sunday, so Matt and Ronnee are in town.) So I went with them all, and they got to see something memorable... Trevor Hoffman blew a save. With two outs and a man on, he gives up what should have been a home run. But Brian Giles jumps up and robs it. Unfortunately, Giles dropped the ball, allowing the runner to score and the batter to take second. More (but lesser) madness scores another run, and the Padres lose. Their magic number is still 4.

Storage Hell: The accumulated crap in my house looks like it will fit into an 8x8x6 cube. However, at some point, I will have to remove all that crap and get rid of most of it. That will take a lot of time.

Scorekeeping Hell: Once again, some parent is complaining that the team records in the football program are wrong. The program editor mails me for an opinion. You'd all have a much easier time of this if you would've just CONTACTED ME IN THE FIRST PLACE. Oh, and I blew the fuse that feeds power to the scoreboard controller. I should really replace that before Thursday's freshman game.

[Update] An hour after I wrote this, the chassis that was allegedly in Dayton arrived. I'd say 'WTF?' except I was too busy unpacking and setting it up.
Tags: baseball, football, house, momenco, poway, san diego, scoreboards, work

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