Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Here we go again

We had another thunder-not-storm like the one in July. I awoke about 5:30am to house-shattering thunder. There were lightning strikes between one and two miles away. Lots of car alarms went off. It then drizzled after the thunder stopped.

I talked to a couple of cow-orkers about it... one lives in Mission Beach, and he said he got the whole package at once, all night. Another one lives in Valley Center, north and east of me, and he got a downpour. Absolutely no consistency with this weather...

This is all after it drizzled yesterday afternoon. It rained inland and blew out towards the coast, I drove through it on my way home (eastbound CA-78.) Later, about 8-9:00, you could see lightning in the distant western sky. We had baseball practice going on, and Nate wondered if he should do anything. I said yeah, we should clear off the field, but fat chance convincing a bunch of Californians of that.
Tags: weather

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