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Another nuisance to bypass

The new network admin for Poway Unified slammed the lid shut on the district's firewall. It only allows outbound connections on ports 80 (http), 110 (POP3), and 443 (https). http traffic is transparently proxied through a box running a filter. It's not a bad filter, either. Unlike the WebSense (*hack* *spit*) proxy it replaced, it allows access to sites like Fark, blocking only the discussion forums. (I can get references to news, I just can't see the Photoshop contests from the high school campus.)

But it's a headache because it's a deny-all/allow-some setup. No outbound traffic on 25 (smtp), 143 (imap), 465 (smtps), 993 (imaps), and 995 (pop3s). You can use non-secure POP3, but no outbound mail, no IMAP, and nothing secure.

So that brings me here, to tools like ProxyTunnel and OpenVPN, both of which will route traffic through an HTTP proxy. It looks like I'll need a TUN/TAP driver for OS X too. There also appears to be a nice little GUI front-end for OpenVPN. Ideally, there'd be an apache plugin I could connect to through my own secure web server. But so far, it looks like I'm going to claim my second IP from Speakeasy, bind it as an aliased address on b5's external interface, and run the OpenVPN server out of there.
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