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Stay off the roof!

Last year, once the artificial turf was installed, Poway Pop Warner football started using the field at the high school again. Generally, this is a Good Thing™. But they have to observe a few restrictions, one of which is staying off the roof of the press box. Sometimes they post a sign, sometimes they misplace it. So I posted my own for this year. It encourages non-coaches and non-film crew people to stay off, but warns Pop Warner:

We did have a little fire out behind the press box, so there's evidence Trogdor has visited.

(FuckYou Wireless is putting a cell on the light pole behind the press box (Hallelujah! Coverage!) Last week, they were welding a nipple plate onto the pole, and the sparks lit the dry eucalyptus leaves that cover the drainage ditch. It burned very fast.)

Rancho Buena Vista is 2-0 in pool play in the Little League World Series. They play again Tuesday at 4:30pm PDT. Baseball fans should watch.

I watched Eric play soccer this afternoon. They won their first two games, but lost in the championship to a team they'd beaten 5-1 before. Apparently the other goalie had a flawless game. Ah well. In the game I saw (the title game was up against RBVLL, a no-no,) Poway's goalie got drawn out of a play, and Eric had to make a save himself. He almost had an assist later on, but the shooter muffed it. At one point, the other team was given a direct kick. Eric's teammates had trouble forming a wall, and they got scored on. At the halftime whistle, Eric comes plodding back to the sideline, shouting "Let me explain to you guys the physics of a wall!" Yes, he's the team's biggest dork. Despite that, he has a richer social life that his mom is only starting to discover.

I have goofy pictures of Eric from between games that I need to post, too. He got dragged out to a nearby outlet mall. I went along, because there has to be silliness. Sometimes, I even instigate it...
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