Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Sorry, Big Ethel...

I think the world of Warren Ellis, but sometimes his taste is just too cultured. Because this fucking rules. I heard there was going to be a Transporter sequel. I thought, "You know, that really doesn't have to be made." Never mind, now.

Today was my first day at the new job. Today was just getting acclimated. Computer setup, endless update installation, configuration, and walking me around to see where everything's at. Matt walked me through the setup and account creation process, as I'm going to do it for the next new hire. We have an interesting naming scheme--AKC-recognized dog breeds. It's appropriate since at least two people bring their dogs to work.

The experience of starting the job was a bit loopy for me. My last three jobs of any serious tenure and pay were for large organizations. The Looniversity, ANL, and Qualcomm. The latter two had fairly weighty intake procedures. Paperwork, lectures, ID cards, key issues. It's become what I expect. Not today. Our local HR rep scared up an office key from the receptionist. No badges. Matt hands me the server room key and says go have a copy made. (None of that square-headed "DO NOT DUPLICATE UNDER PENALTY OF BOOGA-BOOGA" institutional key business.) The limit of paperwork was showing the HR rep my passport so she could complete her half of the I-9 form. Done.
Tags: comics, momenco, movies, work

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