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So there was no majority winner in the San Diego mayoral election this week. There will be a November runoff to determine who replaces UIUC alum Dick Murphy. It's between aging surfer chick Donna Frye and ex SD police chief Jerry Sanders. As I understand it, Jerry Sanders isn't a bad guy. But the city's fucked itself up something harsh, and needs new direction. Donna Frye's a bit of a loon, so she's perfect. :-)

The kids came in second in their tournament last weekend. Despite the drizzle, the fields at the Sportsplex were quite playable. (I think the rain just saved Jim from having to water before he dragged the infields.) They're playing better than ever, but we just ran out of pitching by the end of Sunday. The important part was they beat the Poway Power, the local rival, in the semifinals. Most of the kids on both teams all go to school together, have played Little League together, and their first baseman used to play for us.

I accepted the Momentum offer, I start a week from Monday. The salary is good, the benefits package looks to be good--they were bought out by Mercury Computer several months ago, so we get a lot of large-company benefits while still working for a (mostly autonomous) small company. The drive isn't what I'd hoped for, but it's about as far as my old Qualcomm office, and it's within north county, so I can live with it.

Eric is back from Spain, so my life gets less-quiet again.

Zach had Padres tickets last night. We got downtown just in time to find out local favorite Phil Nevin has been traded to Texas. Nobody is happy with this, but it's probably good for Phil, if he's going to play every day. They lost last night to Cincinnati. It's been a long time since I've seen Ken Griffey, Jr. play, and he hasn't lost it. (Though there was a miscommunication with his left fielder that should've been caught.) One of the Padres few highlights was a double by Robert F-U-C-K (but he pronounces it "Fick".) (Fick, I hadn't realized, not only took that shot at Eric Karros in the '03 playoffs, but he was also the big sucker-puncher in the Detroit-White Sox brawl a few years before.) Their defense was good, their pitching was not at all objectionable, but they couldn't get anything going offensively.

I am madly trying to tie up the biggest loose ends around the house this week, before I lose the time to do that stuff. And then I need to get in gear for football season.

BTW, Warren Ellis says that the BitTorrenting of the Global Frequency pilot has killed any chance the series would ever be picked up. Killed it deader than dead, he says. More evidence how fucked-up Hollywood is. They worry over pilots, they really have no clue what will work and what will fail as a series--look how many new series die in the first three weeks of each season. Finally, they get one where they are told in no uncertain terms that if they pick it up there is an audience. So therefore they must drop it forever.
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