Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

So I have a new ceiling fan...

Six months ago or so, I was running the fan in the living room, and it started to smell of an electrical fire. I figured wiring inside it must be going. This week, I cracked it open, and found partly-melted inside, a capacitor used to control the fan speed. Apparently, these don't burn out often, because nobody sells them except specialty fan and lighting stores. The people at Home Depot actually suggested buying the components at Radio Shack. That's laughable... assuming they had 2.5 and 6 uF capacitors with a 250 volt rating (unlikely, since they stock very few components nowadays,) they're going to be bare components. I figure, these things are sealed in epoxy for a reason. It's probably some kind of self-extinguishing resin so the fan doesn't catch fire. Fortunately, there's a fan store in San Marcos, on the way to Palomar, so I picked up a close-enough part to replace it.

I installed the replacement (and the replacement speed switch, whose threads had broken years ago.) No dice. It turns out, the motor had gone bad too. That's odd, considering the fan was still happily spinning when I stopped it. But what are you going to do but buy a new fan? $50 later, I'm back in business. A fifteen minute job turned into half a day. Ah, hell...

I should probably fix the downstairs bathroom ceiling this week. My grandmother's in town (Oceanside is close enough to qualify,) so that would be a Good Thing. Not that I've heard from her yet. With her timing, she'll probably call wanting to go to lunch, just after I've walked into the convention center on Friday for Comic Con...
Tags: house

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