Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

More Getting Shit Done™

I got most of the work done today upgrading the water polo shot clocks... moving the signal connector to the outside of the case, trimming the power and speaker horn cords, generally cleaning things up. I pulled the manuals from Colorado Time Systems, it turns out these things just use RS-232 over a twisted pair for control. The displays are smarter than other companies' hardware. Usually, it's variations on a shift register, which you could do cheaply in discrete logic, rather than an expensive microcontroller. That's changing now, as powerful microcontrollers have gotten dirt cheap. (Fair Play went to RS-232 a couple of years ago, and Daktronics has done something I haven't figured out yet that might be some odd twist on RS-485.)

It hits me, the new Harry Potter book is coming out smack at the start of Comic Con. That'll make for an interesting vibe...
Tags: colorado time, electronics, harry potter, poway, scoreboards

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