Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Why I Won't Be Working For The Feds... an early reflection on the September 11th anniversary.

When the towers fell last year, I remember sitting at home most of the day in front of the computer. As the video replayed time and again on CNN, I thought a lot about what this would mean in the long term. Is it the beginning of a wave of attacks? Are we going to war? If we do, how long will it last? Should I look for some role to play in the events to come? Is it time to sign up in some capacity to serve, to answer the proverbial Call?

Most of us were ruminating on IRC. Jesse had just gotten out of a stint in the Marines. I knew that's not a path I could take. The Army's not much better. I don't know if I could stand the cramped quarters of a ship or worse, a submarine, so the Navy doesn't look so good either. So I figured, if this thing goes on over a year, I'd consider joining the Air Scouts.

Okay, so the full-blown open war never happened. This hasn't been a replay of the start of World War II. I'm not at all motivated to join the military. The next logical alternative is federal law enforcement agencies. The physical end of things, I think I can handle. I already lug my AR-15 around the tricky terrain we go shooting in near Ramona, so Wired's fitness concern seems doable. My backgrounds' clean, I have no skeletons in my closets. Unfortunately, it looks like the Bureau's head is too firmly embedded in its organizational ass to make use of new technically-savvy talent as immediately as it needs to. Five years? This will be a whole new world in five years.

But you know what? That's a moot point anyways. When you consider the crap that the President and his lead attack dog are pushing, there's no way I can get involved in good conscience. I cannot and will not allow my talents to be used to further this administraton's desire to shred the Constitution. Even Very Bad People deserve their right to due process. So fuck 'em all.

Not that I was seriously considering applying to work for any federal agencies. I don't think the need's critical enough yet to justify abandoning my current state of pleasant unemployment. But the notion is put to rest permanently now.

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