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The rundown

*grumble* I overslept again. I really wanted to be up at 7 to Get Stuff Done, but that didn't happen again. At least it didn't make me late to anything this time.

I had to schlep all the way out to Clairemont to find some of my missing comic books. The Comic Gallery shop in Escondido orders nothing from Oni Press, so I'm way behind on Queen & Country Declassified. They also skip some of the lesser-known Image titles, like Small Gods. Ordinarily the Comics N Stuff store in North County Fair would fill the remainder of my needs, but they closed. Apparently, their owner keeps opening and closing stores all over the place, willy-nilly. I wish someone would reopen a store in Poway. If I had the available funds not-set-aside for retirement, I'd consider doing it myself.

The Quizno's in Carmel Valley moved from the office building (!) they previously inhabited to the shopping center up the road that was always the logical spot for it. I wind up in line behind some dillweed that wants to practice his Spanish with the counter guy. And then they're out of Pepsi. And then there's this woman eating lunch with her son... well, they're occupying the same table, but she made about six straight phone calls. *rolls eyes*

I get home to find a thin envelope from the school district in the mailbox. My first guess was it was a bong letter for the application I put in for a sys/netadmin gig. Turns out it's a congratulatory note from the superintendent, a copy of the presentation from last Monday's board meeting, honoring the five volunteers the district chose to honor, and an invitation for all 30-or-so of us that were nominated by each school to the recognition dinner in January. So in the end, the PHS staff was right, there is an honors dinner, they just weren't clear on the timing. :-)

The electronics parts I ordered have finally all come in. It is now time to do much soldering...
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