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Get a fork?

Wow, Logan Jenkins puts a fork in Duke Cunningham

Duke used to be my congresscritter, 'till they redistricted me last year into Duncan Hunter's district. I've never been real wild about him, he's a hawk, and a loyal Republican. And lately, it's been pretty clear to me that he's been bribed by a defense contractor. He sold a house in Del Mar to a guy in a private transaction, a guy who runs a company that wanted defense contracts. The guy turns around and lists it, it sits on the market for eight months before selling at a $700K loss. In a market where prices were going up. Said guy's company starts getting defense contracts, and shoots up to be one of the top 100 DOD contractors.

Oh yeah, did I mention Duke sits on the Armed Forces committee and the Defense Appropriations subcommittee?

But wow, it's a big step for the big city paper's columnists to be calling for his head. This is not somebody that people cross and typically survive.

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