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Same shit, different day

Jeff Harrell wrote a very good piece on System 10.4.1/Intel (courtesy of Adam.) He makes a good point, Apple stands to benefit from piracy, though I'm not convinced they see it that way. If they could keep that genie in their bottles, I still think they would.

I look around some more, and I'll agree that CNN needs to be more responsible with its headlining, but if you want bald-faced lies, you still have to tune into Fox. Amusingly, one of the commenters throws the Los Angeles Times into the same "liberal media" bucket--the Times being owned by Tribune Co. (Although the Tribune did endorse Barack Obama.)

The real gem is his entry on Republican "tolerance". I don't buy his notion that letting Mary Carey sit down to dinner with them makes Republicans tolerant. Rather, it suggests the party is a whore that will take anyone's money, regardless of its source. When he began his tenure as Attorney General, John Ashcroft ran his mouth a lot like his noted porn-crusading predecessor, Edwin Meese. (Perhaps that's why Ashcroft's crusade never reached the magnitude of Meese's? Would it have turned off some GOP funding sources? Rich porn producers surely want tax breaks too.)

I don't know how long my comment is going to last, so I've copied it here:

Wow, that's a broad definition of "tolerance" you've got there.

Do you really consider it tolerant to deny someone legal recognition of their commitment to a spouse, because a) it's different from yours, and b) your perception of God tells you it's bad. Speaking of perceptions of God, is it also tolerant to tell a non-Christian they shouldn't get so upset that their prayer isn't said to open a legislative meeting, because you and me, as Christians, make up such a large majority?

Compassion is a Christian value too. Is it compassionate to cut your rich pals tax breaks so large they can buy another yacht, but to cut social and medical services to people who might barely earn that yacht's value in their lifetime. Is it compassionate to let your pals off the hook for the pollutants they pump into the air and water in the cities where those people live, who can't afford to move out to the suburbs or the country where maybe it's a bit cleaner?

Honesty is a Christian value. I guess Jesus would've lied about the chemical weapons and the uranium yellowcake too.

Responsibility? Oh, where do I begin?

By the way, respect is a component of love. If you stand with people who attack my friend, and deny him the equal protection of law, and you do not take those people to task, you disrespect him as much as they do. If you say that you love my friend, while you do not respect him, that not only makes you a hypocrite, it makes you an asshole.

The Democrats are nobody to be proud of either. But at least they don't use my faith to justify hatred and bigotry.

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