Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist


Taking your friends out someplace fun is something desirable to do for a lot of people. Including me. Even better when you don't have to ask them to pay for it. Better still when I don't have to pay for it. It's maddening when such an opportunity presents itself and you can't take advantage of it!

The Padres played Milwaukee tonight at 7:05. At 6:05, a friend whose husband works in the Padres organization offered me their tickets. Field level, the section behind the home dugout.

Nobody was available. Nate had already committed to softball. Steve was out doing something with his dad. Shandy and Jeremy are still in Las Vegas following last weekend's tournament. Eric has basketball practice and Too Much Homework™. Dan and that crowd aren't into baseball. No valid phone number for Declan. Zach? Already at the game. It would've been great to take anybody. It would've been perfect to take a bunch of my baseball teammates. Nobody's available.

Dammit, that's frustrating.

I went, Zach was by himself in a seat not as good as mine, so he came down and sat with me. And the game was good. Phil Nevin notched his 1000th hit, a triple to left-center that bounced a foot from the top of the wall. A Geoff Blum home run. 8-4 win. It was fun.

Still would've been funner if people hadn't been so busy. :-P

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