Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Bennett Parry: Dork


This is Bennett Parry. Bennett doesn't believe that I'd put his picture up on the internets to show what a dork he is. (I mean really, what kind of clown walks around looking like an elf? Look at how his ears poke through his hair like that. No joke, if they ever do a post-Hobbit prequel for Lord of the Rings, he could play the younger Legolas.)

Clearly, Bennett is wrong.

(EDIT: And for anyone else who Doesn't Get It™, Bennett was sitting next to me as I wrote that--denying that I'd really do it. It's a joke. I tend only to make fun of people I like. And I'm told that when he finally did get a date with a hedge clipper, he was told that if he'd let it grow only another two inches, he could've donated his hair to Locks of Love.)

(Edit 8/25/05: This page is now the #1-ranked page in a Google search for Bennett's name :-P )
Tags: baseball

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