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With the iBook freaking out on Sunday, I copied critical data off it and took it into the Apple Store in UTC for repairs. Happily, it reproduced the problem immediately when the Genius Bar staffer powered it up. It'll be sent off to Tennessee tomorow Airborne Express, to be returned to my house the same way in 7-10 business days. (Maybe as few as 5-7, we'll see.) AppleCare just paid for itself--the standard repair and labor charges add up to $280, exceeding the $250 AppleCare fee. That's just Apple charging itself. If I were actually paying for a logic board replacement, it would probably be much more than that.

In the meantime, I need something to run baseball games with, since we're home Thursday and whenever we start the playoffs next week. My old Wall Street model PBG3 (233 MHz, running OS 9) was still sitting in the living room, waiting for me to clear off all the old data and wipe it for sale. I'm doing that now, finally, so I can move my MP3 collection over to it. Or most of it at least. That thing only has an 8G drive.

There's a new Atari Flashback console coming out. The original one was emulated, the new one uses "real hardware". I commented that I didn't know anyone was still making the 6502 CPU that lived at he heart of the Atari 2600. (Also, the Apple ][ and the original Nintendo Entertainment System.) Sho 'nuff, they are.

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