Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Home again

Well, it turns out they weren't firing the plane's engines full-tilt at the gate, they backed it away on the apron. Still damned loud, though.

We wound up delayed three hours. Three hours of being told every fifteen minutes, "we should know something in ten or fifteen minutes." This had a lot of people royally steamed. The salaried folks, I feel a little for, as not getting home 'till 1pm Monday would throw a wrench into things. The people I actually felt bad for were the hourly folks, the tradesmen who would find themselves unpaid and possibly replaced if they don't get to work on time. America West handled this badly. Their customer service folks needed to be kept apprised of status and reasonable estimates. And then they needed to come up with workable alternatives--collecting those must-return people and springing for one-way rental cars. A hotel room and a seat on the 11:40 flight (which they finally started giving out around 2am) is not enough, and tersely dismissing people is out of line.

In the midst of this, the display in my iBook quit. Baseball is away tomorrow, so I have until Thursday to fix it. Hopefully it's just a loose/dirty ribbon cable connection.

We finally reached a gate here around 3:50am. It took time to get someone to even move the jetway over, let alone to unload the baggage, as SAN doesn't have arrivals scheduled between 2 and 7am, usually. I wasn't sure if Park & Ride would have shuttle drivers available that late, but they did, and I finally got home about 5. It's overcast today, so I got to sleep 'till 1.

At least I fixed my headset mic...

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