Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Viva 802.11b

I have a 2+ hour layover at McCarran, home of the free wireless ethernet. As opposed to the $10/day shit Cingular's running in Denver. Fuckers.

I'm beat. There's a vendor selling Vienna hot dogs here, but I have no appetite and no energy. I will be asleep very fast when I get home (~2am) and I will sleep until the sun refuses to allow me to continue.

I got voicemail saying my baseball team won our doubleheader. THe first game was a blowout, the second game 2-1 with only 8 players and a lot of injuries. We rule something fierce. (It probably helps that Steve Simis was back this weekend, now that ASU is out. It didn't hurt that I wasn't there. Whee.)

By the way, the [Thomas] Edison Hate Future stuff Warren is doing on his web site is bent and funny. It does not yet involve small rodents and sodomy, but I'm sure that's just a matter of time. (Nicole, Ronnee, you haven't read Transmetropolitan, so of course you don't get that.) (I was told repeatedly this weekend that my sisters do not grok much of what I write about here.)

I don't know whether a lot of people have late connections, or if there's weather problems somewhere. But there's an awful lot of people sacked out all over the airport. And it's hard to find a spot next to a power outlet--most of them are taken by fellow travelers looking for a notebook and cell phone charge.

[Edit 11:36pm] They changed gates for my connection. They've delayed boarding 45 minutes, citing a "mechanical delay". The 757 in question is docked at the jetway, and is running its engines rather loudly right now. Yes, at the gate. We'll see when I get home...

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