Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Mike Tiemann is not very smart

This tidbit off the Ditherati mail list:

"If we can get the open-source movement as excited about modifying legal code as they are about C++ and Java, I think the lobbying will take off itself."

   --Red Hat COO Michael Tiemann, not foreseeing the results of letting loose a bunch of wild-eyed Perl coders on the legislative process, News.com, 9 August 2002

Really, with the court system as bogged down as it is, how does he propose to handle conflicts between NetUSC, FreeUSC, OpenUSC, and USC386?

One of the Open Source movement's strengths is that if you don't like a particular project's direction, you're free to go start your own. I don't think that works for the law, at least in the post-colonial era.

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