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I just got a phone call that one of the kids I worked with, he played basketball at the high school, was found this morning by his roommate at Cal Poly, apparently of a drug overdose or interaction.

I don't think it's quite hit me yet, 'cause while I'm sad, and pissed at Brian, who certainly knew better, I'm neither blisteringly angry nor numbingly sad, which is how I always thought I'd feel if a friend died.

I guess I've been fortunate (for lack of a better term,) the only one of my friends who's died was killed in a car accident our sophomore year in college, and I'd only seen him once in the last couple of years.

So for once, I'm completely out of my element. I don't know what to do, what to say... I know Brian's mom pretty well, I'll probably run over to the house when I get off the phone with my mom.

Dammit, Brian... you knew better than this, more than most of your peers. We don't really hang out, but I'm going to miss seeing what you would've become...

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