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Creationists and other chumps

The self-styled Poor Man writes of ignorant right-wing lunatics:
Chumps are harder to argue with than regular people, because the argument is never really about the subject at hand, it’s about something far more personal: “am I a chump?”
Ain't it the truth?

It explains a lot of right-wing behavior... to admit they're wrong is to admit they're ignorant and unsophisticated. I won't go so far as to say "unintelligent" because it's usually not true. They're on average, just as intelligent and just as educated as anyone else. They simply choose not to use that intelligence, to set it aside because they're too attached to ideology or religion. (Textbook ignorance.)

Evolution is a theory, by the way. There's few things I find as funny as religious nuts violently agreeing with me, without realizing that's what they're doing. It's a theory that is logically supported by evidence and years of research, which continues as we speak, in order to refine the details of that theory. Creation is a story told in a religious text, supported only by the devotion of its followers. There is no "proof", no evidence to support it, just the blind faith of... chumps.

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