Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

There are nearly-naked teenage boys in the hallway

They say they're streaking. But they're still wearing boxer shorts. They're from Rockford, they can't be real bright.

Gelnbrook North was fantastic today. Yes, they started a little slow, Jon Scheyer was cold to start with. But they moved the ball around and got some other people (notably Matt Gold and Sean Wallis) some shots, and before you knew it, the rain started falling. They beat Brother Rice 68-47. Rice's crowd... what a bunch of fucking assholes. Really, as a Catholic they're embarassing. As our team walked into the Civic Center, both crowds were waiting in the atrium to be let in. Ours started cheering. Theirs started chanting "Season's over!" They chanted "Ugly!" at Mallick Valliani. The hubris was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Our crowd was fabulous. They were large, they were loud. (Okay, not as loud as Rice, but we have GIRLS at our school, and our school isnt' smart enough to put students in the lower levels.) For an added twist, the school went through its closet, cleaned out all the old sports uniforms, and had a fire sale to the students. All these kids walked in wearing old baseball and basketball jerseys, tennis sweats, you name it. I saw Ryan McNally's and Dave Burmeister's sophomore baseball jerseys on girls. Some guy had Zach Klein's varsity jersey. Snug-fitting banana-yellow, snap-front basketball warmup tops from my junior year, the white ones the sophomore team wore.

Rockford (Jefferson) held off a late surge by Lincoln. I thought Lincoln might have a chance, but they closed to within four, started raining threes down, none of which fell. Lincoln... their colors are red and green. Christmas red and green. Their cheerleaders look like elves, with the white in their uniforms. Jefferson... they've got a 6'8" 240 lb. center. A wise man once said, "That's no moon, that's a space station." It'll be hard, but we have a good chance. Downers Grove South knocked off Thornwood this morning... I like DGS, but I would've liked another shot at Thornton, in view of December's loss to them and the semifinal loss two years ago. They'll play Carbondale in the other semifinal.

Traffic kept my dad from getting down here tonight. He'll be down in the morning. I'm on cell dialup, so no photos 'till I get up north on Sunday. I saw foncal today, but didn't have a chance to introduce myself and say 'hi', he was way, way too busy taking pictures.

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