Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Late again

When I'm feeling pressured for time or generally behind on projects, it tends to show up in dreams. I've got a highlight video to finish for Friday's basketball banquet. I've got time, but I always want to finish early (even if I never do.) So I find myself in Peoria for the Illinois state finals. I'm just walking out of the hotel to get on the bus to the game, when I realize I'm not dressed to work it. I run back up to my fourth floor room to get a dress shirt and tie to replace the t-shirt I'm wearing. As always, there's waiting for elevators involved. I get up, get the shirt, get down, and just as I'm walking out the door, I see the bus leaving the parking lot. I've just missed it. I'm looking around the parking lot to find my rental car, I run across one of my Poway players (what's he doing there?) and the alarm goes off.

It's bright and sunny here in scenic Poway. He says on the radio it's cloudy once you get south of Miramar... *shrug* Fields are all too wet for baseball today, so both my and the kids' games are off. So I get to stay home and watch Illinois and Ohio State on CBS, bright and early at 9...

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