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...and so it ends

Basketball is done for another year. The boys lost 65-56 last night at Eastlake. We didn't shoot well (Todd Lowenthal was 6-23 from the field, uncharacteristically low,) turnovers cost us, we missed free throws (at critical junctures, too,) we got outrebounded and badly, badly outhustled. We stayed close, but we couldn't cut Eastlake's lead below 4. They wanted it worse than we did. We finished the season 17-12, 5-5 in the Palomar League, good enough for a 3-way tie for third place with Westview and RB. We three split with each other, so there's no separating us.

Wednesday's game at Eastlake was a gem. They're a good team, and we still beat them 69-48. If we had played as well last night as we did Wednesday, we would've won by 8-10. The end of the season is always a bummer. We're only graduating three seniors, who will hopefully take the worst of our attitude and cohesion problems with them. Next year is promising, but for now, my Friday nights go quiet again.

The girls played a bad game on Friday, getting upset at home by Torrey Pines by 20 points. Ugh.

The K Classic, the six-game baseball scrimmage we were supposed to host on Saturday, was canceled due to soggy fields. The rain quit after Wednesday, but the fields were so saturated they weren't dry in time. A lot of good area teams were playing, so this was a big deal to the scouts. A lot of teams were sending their scouting VPs to watch, they expected to see a lot of talent all in one place, in one day. They considered this a bigger event for them than the Lions Tournament. But at least the replacement scoreboard controller came in, and works fine. I had to run to Kearny Mesa to pick it up at the UPS depot, but I don't complain. It's done. And I got a press box key. :-)

Wednesday was also the last day for Comic Gallery in Mira Mesa. They spent the weekend packing and cleaning up. I will miss that store and the people that worked and shopped there.

My baseball team was supposed to play today, moving up to the 18AAA league, but we were a casualty of soggy fields, too.

The Lake Hodges reservoir, just north of Poway, was down to 20% of capacity as of October. It spilled over the dam on Wednesday. The forest that took over its bed on either side of I-15 is now dying.

Tomorrow is Monday, and baseball will finally begin, and with it spring. As always, there's never a clean break between seasons. I have to finish statistics for the three squads, and produce the highlight film for the banquet. And Illinois starts its AA playoffs, and for me that lasts as long as Glenbrook North does. Hopefully another three weeks...

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