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I had another lesson today in the role context plays in my music interests. Roll the clock back a couple of years, to when I finally got to see "Two Cathedrals", the second season West Wing finale. Aaron Sorkin used Dire Straits' "Brothers In Arms" over the last scenes of the episode. I was absolutely taken with how beautiful a song it is. And I was absolutely amazed it hadn't clicked with me before. Brothers In Arms is the first CD my parents ever bought, after they bought their first CD player. It's been on the shelf since I was 12, more than half my life. How had I not discovered it until now?

Today, I finished the season 1 DVD set of Everwood. I poked through its soundtrack CD on iTMS a while ago, but nothing grabbed me, not even its covers of old Cat Stevens tunes. The S1 finale, "Home" features Jump Little Children's "Cathedrals" over its end. And I had the same reaction as with "Brothers In Arms". By themselves, nothing. In context, something akin to magic.

Of course, it probably says something morbidly odd about me that these songs are both associated with scenes involving a character's death. *shrug*

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