Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

MCI thinks they're clever

I noticed a few no-ID calls on the caller ID box over the last few days. I got another one early this evening, it turned out to be MCI wanting to take over my local telephone service. She promises as part of the deal that all calls I make will be charged as if they're local, anywhere in the United States. My bill is guaranteed to be no more than $49.99 a month. I asked for documentation before I would approve such a change. "But you don't need literature, that's why I'm calling." No, really, I don't care that it costs them money to send me paperwork, or that they've spent millions of dollars on TV advertising (which one, lacks details, and two, I don't see since I have a TiVo,) I want to see the details on paper before I commit to anything. "You don't need literature because the first month is free!" She assures me, she understands how I feel. I don't think so. She hangs up on me.

An hour later, I get another no-ID call. Again, it's MCI. I'm a valuable customer, she tells me. I've been one since June of 2000. That's laughable. My average LD bill (including their standard monthly fee and taxes) is less than $10. Once I had a bill over $30, it was a very busy month. I don't make a lot of long-distance calls. I'm not home a lot, and e-mail is far more convenient. But still, they think I'm valuable. So valuable that she says they're going to reduce my phone bill! She just needs to know how much my bills are currently. I tell her I don't know, I don't have the numbers in front of me. Okay, is it over $50?

"Wait a minute, are you asking me to change my local telephone carrier?" Yes, she is. "I just had a conversation with your people about this an hour ago." Oh, she's sorry. Yeah, I'll bet she is.

If this happens again, miles be damned, I'm switching back to the Death Star.

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