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Dream sequence 1

I discovered WB's Everwood from one too many snarky references to it in TWOP writeups about The West Wing. Reading the backlog of writeups about it, I set a season pass on it for this year's third season. I'm finally catching up on what I haven't seen, starting with the season 1 DVD set. The pilot reminds me, again, why I like it.

Ephram's chatting in the school library with Amy, who he's just met. The song playing in the background turns out to be source, as Amy calls it the "perfect make-out song". The house lights go down, the dance floor lights (complete with disco ball) come on--we're still in the library, full of kids who continue working as if nothing is going on. Amy gets up, pulls Ephram to her, very seductively, starts dancing with him, starts making out...

And Ephram's alarm goes off.

He sits up, lifts the sheets, looks down, and curses. We cut to Ephram hurriedly stuffing his sheets into the washer.

You'd think this was Fox, really... :-)

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