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The jury should stay out for a while

I stopped by the high school on the way home from Palomar today. There were cars parked next to the gym, which screams "basketball". Since we finally got a new head coach, I thought I'd see what they were up to. Conditioning. They'd just gotten back from a ~2 mile warm-up run, and spent about an hour on some drills--stretching and agility, nobody touched a ball. I'm very happy to see this. A lot of basketball is fitness, conditioning, and agility. Those elements can tip the scales against an evenly-matched opponent, and will give you a fighting chance against a markedly better one.

Unfortunately, some of our players still haven't learned this. This kind of conditioning wasn't demanded of them in the past, and now that it's started, there's a few people whining. One commented that it would make sense once preseason practice starts in November, but not now. He fails to understand that success demands a year-round commitment. This isn't a surprise. There's been a lack of commitment and a lack of heart amongst some of our players for a while now. That attitude is poisonous. There's already one player who I felt had a good attitude a year ago, but has changed for the worse from the influence of his friends. There are others who haven't followed along, but have been disturbed enough by it they feel less productive.

I don't expect Coach Armstrong to back down in his expectations from and demands of this team. So what we're going to find out is how these guys deal with the pressure. Are they going to lash out? Are they going to bitch to their parents and con them into harassing the administration? Will they quit? Or will they actually grow up? I guess we'll see...

No, I'm not naming any names. That would be talking out of school. If some of the people involved happen to see this, they will know who they are, and no one else need be concerned.

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