Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Productivity is good

I still didn't get my scorebooks totaled, but I did get a bunch of stuff done Saturday.

Finally, the stack of cardboard boxes in the garage got broken down and stuffed into the recycling bin. (When said boxes piled up, said bin was already full.) I had to do that to have room to repair one of the roster boards from the PHS gym. These are those boards you put the players names and uniform numbers on, with little letter cards inserted into slots. (Like the "NOW HIRING ALL SHITS" signs you see outside Taco Bell.) This is done with aluminum strips stuck to an aluminum sheet with an adheisive strip. The adheisive failed in spots, and the letters would drop down to the next row. I got tired of using scotch tape to hold up those letters, and drilled and drove screws through the problem strips to hold them tight.

See, they finally gave me gym keys. Most importantly, I can stop bumming them off of people during games and setup. But also, it allows me more flexibility doing the kind of piddly repair work I'm driven into by personal nuisance. The volleyball net rack that I previously moved was hung improperly when it was moved again last month. That's fixed. Someone knocked a cabinet door off its hinges. That's fixed. All the fluorescent tubes (mostly dead) have been replaced. And I vacuumed that damned floor again.

And once again, last week's laundry is put away, just in time to do laundry again tomorrow. :-)

Basketball beat Westview on Friday, in a very good game. Gabe Adler was just phenomenal. Sixteen points, fifteen rebounds, and one diving not-technically-a-steal to avoid a breakaway basket. A Westview kid got a steal that should've been an easy layup, but Gabe caught up, dove at him from behind, and shot the ball out of bounds. They get it back, sure, but they don't get the momentum boost from the fast break play. It's very similar to fouling a guy going up for a dunk. The crowd was in great form too. Unfortunately, the Assassin of Fun was in full effect. Mike Vara got pulled out and forced to stand by the door for running over to help Gabe up after he fell into the Westview crowd chasing a loose ball. There was no altercation involving Mike (though the Westview fans were visibly verbally abusive of Gabe,) yet our principal pulled him out anyways, provoking a chant of "Free Mike!" from his friends. As the clock passed 1:30 in the fourth quarter, a group rendition of "Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye" was also quashed.

They lost to Torrey Pines on Wednesday, though, in a game they should've won. They got outscored 15-7 in the fourth quarter, to go from four up to four down. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad fourth quarter for us. Rematch with La Costa Canyon at home on Wednesday, that should be interesting...

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