Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Your God Is Dead

...and no one cares...

It's official, Paramount has canceled Enterprise. I can't argue with Warren Ellis's take on this:
"And, with the final Star Wars film on the way, it seems that by the end of the year the culture will feel peculiarly cleansed. As if the shackles were released from us in our cultural basement, and we can finally take from our mouths the shattered antique underpants used as gags and wash old men's semen out of our bum crevices."

It really will be nice to have the two 800-pound gorillas in popular science fiction out of the picture for a while. There will be room for other things to be done. Probably not in network television, as the "in crowd" people that run them will see this as a sign that sci fi is dead for good, but other media will get a little easier to crack.

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