Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Back from Vegas

The hotel had some screwball proxy running... my last entry had to be posted through the web interface, as Phoenix couldn't connect to LiveJournal.

It was a good weekend, if a bit shorter than I expected. Everybody left on Sunday morning/afternoon. I had my room booked 'till today (and initially, I thought I'd need another day atop that,) so I stuck around, vegged out, and caught up on some basketball paperwork. It's nice not to have Other Distractions around every so often. (By the way, the Imperial Palace is an insane fucking maze.)

I got back to discover the rebate checks from Sears for my washer and dryer had come over the weekend. Three weeks after I sent in the claims. That's insanely fast turnaround for a rebate.

When I got back, I ran up to the high school to replace blown bulbs on the scoreboards during basketball practice. At one point, they stopped, our coach unhappy with the effort he was seeing. He asked around for comments... one of our starters (and noted spoiled rich kid) could only come up with "nobody's perfect." He truly doesn't care. He just wants all the accolades on Friday nights, fuck the rest of it all.

The bulbs in the scoreboards are so precariously old now that physical shock finishes them. I'd pop out a digit, replace blown bulbs, screw it back down, turn the board on, and see that other bulbs were now blown. Lather, rinse, and repeat. There's a couple that blew during replacement that I didn't notice 'till I had buttoned up the whole thing again. They're in the bottom segment of a 7-segment digit, which isn't critical, so I'm just going to leave them, fuckit.

I'm not going to spoil tonight's 24, but the ending is way cool and not what I would've expected, either.

I had another out-of-gas experience on this trip, too. The light went off just after I left Baker. I figured I'd make the next exit. I did... but the next two exits were charging $3 and $3.15/gallon. Nah, I'll make the NV border. And I did! Then the car died. I had just enough momentum to make the Primm exit ramp, coasting to a stop behind the gas station.

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