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Via way too many people on Tim's friends list, the senior-year-of-HS poll:

What year was it? 1991-92
What were your three favorite bands? The Who, Aerosmith, and Van Halen, probably. I rarely carried albums even then. Everything was a mix tape. Those became mix CDs, and now iTunes playlists.
What was your favorite outfit? I was still in polo shirts and blue jeans, usually with my letter jacket if the weather suited.
What was up with your hair? Same as it was, same as it is.
Who were your best friends? Kumar and Fred. One was living in India, the other was at IMSA. That sucked.
What did you do after school? Radio, math team, baseball, and basketball. And I worked at Babbage's. I would've done Science Olympiad too, but its regionals always conflicted with the College of Charleston math meet in March. This was the year after I pissed people off (including my coaches) at the state math meet, and the year my basketball team almost went downstate.
Did you take the bus? No, I had the '84 Pontiac wagon in all its V-8 glory
Who did you have a crush on? Nobody. I wasn't dating, and I hadn't figured anything else out after I got over my junior high crush freshman year.
Did you fight with your parents? Dad, never. Mom, now and again. She never Got It™.
Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on? I envied both Doogie Howser and Kevin Arnold. The latter's girlfriend, said actress showed up on West Wing last year... I'd Still Hit That™
Did you smoke cigarettes? I was never, and am still not, that stupid.
Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker? I reloaded my backpack from my locker two or three times a day, depending on my schedule. I don't get this "nervous" shit.
Did you have a 'clique'? That requires having a group of friends as a prerequisite. I was too stupid to figure out who I should've hung out with.
Did you have "The Max" like Zach Kelly and Slater? Personally, no. If there was such a place in Northbrook at that time, I wasn't aware of it. (12 years later, I'm still not.)
Admit it, were you popular? Everyone knew me, and I was generally well liked. (If that was ever in question, basketball Senior Night put it to rest.) But I think the "popular" label requires social inclusion that I didn't enjoy. (See above question.)
Who did you want to be just like? I've never, ever, had role models. People who had characteristics I admired, but I never put anyone on pedestals like that.
What did you want to be when you grew up? The engineer I am now.
Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now? Doing engineering R&D for some company large enough to fund it well. (No joke about this--we filled out a questionnaire like this at Grad Night, which was returned to us at the 10-year reunion, and this is what I put down.) I did expect to be married with kids by now, assuming the romantic front would develop in college. Some things work out, others don't. It truly doesn't bother me.

Basketball spanked Mt. Carmel last night, though they should've done a lot better. We played a crappy 2nd quarter, and they played a good one, outscoring us 25-8 and taking a 1-point lead into halftime. That should have never happened... that team is that bad. Their interim head coach, Jake McNeely, is one of Our People, and he's done the best anyone could with them--they kept playing hard, and people like him over there.

The Illinois-Wisconsin game on Tuesday was just huge. What a great, great game. Illinois may have slipped, but they never lost composure, they corrected themselves and got it done. Subs rose to the occasion--Jack Ingram's two threes were enormous, and James Augustine's dunks did a lot psychologically to/for both teams. I was reminded yesterday, Augustine came out of Lincoln-Way HS, where his frosh coach was Poway's current JV coach. Aaron swears he's done supporting Illinois after this season. (He is an Indiana grad.)

My baseball team won the Sunday league championship. Coming off that disastrous tournament the week before, we wanted to kill somebody, and we did. Shandy gave up three solo home runs, but over San Diego High's short right field fence--they would've been caught anywhere else. Blair hit one out to left that bounced over the I-5 on-ramp, onto the Imperial Av. off-ramp below it.

Basketball Friday was a bit screwy. We played very well and beat a very good La Costa Canyon team, but their crowd was very, very vocal, and that element didn't go well. One of our players with chronic attitude problems traded frequent insults with them, earning him a (long-overdue) one-game suspension from our A.D. Armando Brito fouled La Costa's ace at the endgame buzzer. The foul wasn't called (as the free throws couldn't affect the 6-point outcome) but the guy tried to get into it with 'Mondo, who wisely walked away. One of La Costa's other players gave him a shot in the back as he walked by. I saw it happen and was ready to break up a fight, but 'Mondo again didn't rise to it and kept going. The coaches pulled their players off the floor, feeling it too volatile for the postgame handshake. LCC's crowd had been particularly vicious to our backflipping cheerleaders, provoking a rare verbal response from one of them. A couple of minutes after the game ended, some of our players came back out, and Brandon Sullivan backflipped out to half court. Our A.D. was displeased at what was definitely a show-up gesture. I'm sure Sully will take some cheap shots when we see them in football next year.

Friday's game led to a team meeting with our AD on Monday. That suspension was handed out, and there was a lecture on sportsmanship. I arrived late, but what I did see was infuriating. Several of our players were subtly disrespectful of our AD while he was in the room, and openly so once he left. These are attitudes that should have been fixed long ago, except somebody isn't doing what he should to control them.

Friday is district rival Rancho Bernardo, at home. As always, this will be interesting...

In the meantime, I am Getting Shit Done.

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